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Set 3in1 Pikler climbing triangle + arch + ramp with slide

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THIS SET CONTAINS 3 PIECES: Climbing triangle+ sliding ramp + pickler arch.


Due to its large dimensions, the triangle and arch is shipped unassembled. Assembly is simple; the package contains everything you need.

Made in EU, CE conform. Use only under the direct supervision of adults! Only for home use. Suggested age: 2+.


The climbing Triangle is a learning aid invented nearly a century ago by Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler. She held the view that children learn and develop best by doing, experiencing, experimenting and overcoming obstacles independently. What they need from their parents is trust, patience and respect. And it is precisely these principles that are embodied in the triangle’s thoughtful design. Using the climbing Triangle, your children will show you what they can do when empowered by your trust and what it means to go beyond one’s limits.

The slide is smooth on one side, and with stones on the other, which can be used as a climbing wall.

It is solidly made and will last for years!



Dimension Ramp
100x40cm / 39.4x15.7 inch

Dimension Pickler triangle
Height: 84 cm / 33 inch
Length: 96cm / 38 inch
Width: 60 cm / 23.6 inch

Dimension Pickler arch
Height: 40 cm / 16inch
Length: 96cm / 38 inch

Width: 60 cm / 23.6 inch


The products are tested at a load of 100 kg, but the maximum load for use is 60 kg. We make sure that everything is brought in perfect condition.


Watch your children during games on children's furniture!!! Always be vigilant during children's games!!!


Ruki Toys climber set is a climbing structure that children learn to navigate on at their own place.

This furniture like a pikler allows toddlers to explore their body, learn their own boundaries and respond to their climbing needs. It also helps develop gross motor skills, physical strength and agility, encouraging free movement and free play.

Can be used for montessori method.


In conclusion, the Pikler triangle with slide and climbing ramp is an excellent toy for developing children's motor skills, self-confidence, and creativity. Through active play, children can explore and discover the world around them and develop their physical and mental abilities.

Customer Reviews

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Loredana B
Foarte frumos lucrate, material de calitate

Produsele sunt de calitate foarte bună, nu au colturi, margini, totul este foarte frumos rotunjit, șlefuit și frumos lucrat. Bebelușa este fascinata de placa topogan, încercăm să îi suscita interesul și pentru cățărare :)
Noi am avea o sugestie, în cazul în care poate fi realizata. Când semicercul este așezat invers ca un balansoar, placa poate fi pusa deasupra și folosit ca un balance board ( desigur, asistat căci e prea înalt sa stea copilul singur) însă scobiturile plăcii nu se potrivesc perfect la ambele capete, ar trebui sa fie mai scurta cu vreo 5cm ca să încapă perfect pe barele extreme ale semicercului.


Super schnelle Lieferung, es fehlte eine Schraube, die uns dann auch noch einen Monat später (weil wir erst zum Geburtstag aufgebaut haben) nachgesendete wurde, ohne Problem. Die Qualität ist Hammer! Ich bin begeistert!


Magnifique. Bois de qualité. Livraison rapide. Mes filles l adorent et l ont très très vite adopté.

M.J Poppelaars - Moerland

Beautiful quality! Easy to build up!

Éva Ihracska-Bodnár
Szuper termék

A mászókák és a csúszda is jó minőségű és extra gyors a szállítás is!
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