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Set of 3 items Climbing triangle + arch + ramp with slide

Pikler triangle is a type of Montessori furniture based on the theory of Hungarian educator Emmi Pikler. This wooden triangular ladder has multiple benefits for child development and is generally used to help children develop their motor skills, practice their balance, improve their concentration, and provide opportunities for creative play.

Here are some advantages of using Pikler Triangle:

1. Development of motor skills: Pikler triangle helps children develop their motor skills and improve their eye-hand coordination, balance, and control over their body.

2. Encourages creativity: Montessori furniture offers children the opportunity to develop their creativity and experiment with new ways to play.

3. Promotes autonomy: Children learn to play independently and choose their own activities, wich can help develop a sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

4. Increases concentration: Pikler triangle offers opportunities for play that involve concentrations and attention, wich can help develop this important skill.

In general, Montessori furniture is designed to be adaptable to the needs and stages of a child's development and to provide a safe and age-appropriate learning environment. As for Pikler triangle, it can be used for children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years and can be adapted to be used in different ways, depending on the capacity and needs of each child.

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Learning Tower

Kitchen helper tower with extra safe board.

Kitchen helper tower, also known as a learning tower, is a type of Montessori furniture designed to help children participate in kitchen activities and develop their cooking skills. This adjustable height platform is designed for children to reach the countertop, stove or sink and be involved in cooking activities from an early age.

Here are some advantages of using a kitchen
helper tower:

1. Learn cooking skills: Kitchen helper tower offers children access to the countertop, stove or sink, which helps them learn about food and the cooking process. This can make them more willing to experiment with food and try new recipes.

2. Develop motor skills: While using a kitchen helper tower, children improve their eye-hand coordination and develop fine motor skills, such as manipulating cooking utensils and ingredients.

3. Encourage independence: Children learn to do various activities on their own and to be responsible for their own decisions. This helps them feel more confident in their own abilities and to develop a sense of independence.

4. Increase confidence: Participating in cooking activities can make children feel valued and appreciated, which can help develop a positive self-image.

In general, Montessori furniture, such as the kitchen helper tower, is designed to encourage the development of autonomy,
self-confidence, and life skills in children from an early age. With the help of the kitchen helper tower, children can become more confident in their own
abilities and can take part in the daily activities of the family, such as cooking, with a higher degree of independence and responsibility.

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