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Pikler climbing arch +ramp with slide + pillow

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THIS SET CONTAINS 3 PIECES: Pickler climbing arch. sliding ramp + pillow.

The Pikler arch with ramp, slide, and pillow is a versatile climbing structure that combines the principles of the Pikler approach, Montessori philosophy, and the charm of wooden toys to create an engaging and educational play experience for children.

Crafted with high-quality, natural wood, this Pikler Arch serves as a multifunctional climbing frame that promotes physical development, imaginative play, and sensory exploration. The arch's sturdy construction ensures stability, allowing children to climb, balance, and explore their motor skills in a safe and controlled environment.

The addition of a ramp and slide enhances the play possibilities, encouraging children to navigate different levels, practice spatial awareness, and engage in active movement. The ramp provides a gradual incline for crawling, walking, and climbing, while the slide adds an element of excitement and exhilaration as children descend. These features not only foster physical strength and coordination but also develop problem-solving skills and spatial reasoning.

A notable aspect of the Pikler Arch with Ramp, Slide, and Pillow is its integration of wooden toys. Wooden toys have long been associated with the Montessori philosophy for their simplicity, durability, and tactile qualities. The arch provides opportunities for children to interact with these toys, stimulating their creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive abilities. Whether it's arranging wooden blocks, building structures, or engaging in imaginative play, the arch becomes a catalyst for open-ended exploration and learning.

Furthermore, the arch comes with a soft pillow that offers comfort and support during playtime. The pillow can be used as a landing pad, a cozy spot for resting, or as an accessory for imaginative play. Its inclusion adds an element of versatility and comfort to the play experience.

In summary, the Pikler Arch with Ramp, Slide, and Pillow combines the principles of the Pikler approach, Montessori philosophy, and the timeless appeal of wooden toys to provide children with a rich and engaging play experience. With its climbing features, ramp, slide, and integration of wooden toys, this arch promotes physical development, imaginative play, and cognitive growth, while offering comfort and versatility with the addition of a soft pillow. It serves as an exceptional tool for holistic play and learning for children.

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Mariela M
Multumita de achizitie si calitate

Fetita este incantata, arcul nu-l poate urca inca, doar ajutata (1 an si 5 luni). In schimb varianta intoarsa este foarte utilizata, se da “uta” mai mereu si isi aduce si jucariile cu ea, ne implica si pe noi.


Foarte tare!!!! Multumim